125mm Precision Self Centering CNC Machine Vice

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BISON are constantly improving to meet ever changing customer demands. We now introduce to the market our NEW 6651 compact self centering machine vice range giving
accurate clamping of work pieces to the machine table.

  • No workpiece distortion when using a combination of several vices
  • Reduced workpiece set-up time
  • High precision of workpiece alingment
  • Quick jaws change
  • Easy clamping of long workpieces
  • Reduced cost of tooling
  • Increased production flexibility

These precision modular vices are available in three different jaw width sizes, and are ideal for the clamping of large or small work pieces on CNC machines, machining centres, and standard machines.

These vices also feature a self centering wedge mechanism, thus allowing the jaws to be locked and utilized across the vice body length in order to compensate for any component deformation when using more than one vice for clamping on the machine.