WDN Grooving Inserts - 3mm

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3mm wide grooving inserts WDN style for Turning, Parting Off & Profiling.

Available in Grade NK240, Universal Grade for use on a wide range of materials.

  • Chip Breaker Geometry 'T' (NT) first choice for General Use and is most suited for Turning and Grooving. The best geometry for cutting a wide range of materials including Stainless, High Temperature Alloys & Aluminium.

  • Chip Breaker Geometry NM is best suited for Parting and Grooving on Steel and Cast Iron, use Geometry LM (left hand) & RM (right hand) for parting with minimal pip, reduce feed by 20% - 50% when Parting with handed inserts to avoid deflection.

  • Chip Breaker Geometry RM (Radius) for Profile Turning and Radius Forming, works well on all materials.

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